AB&I Foundry of Oakland, California, a leading producer of cast iron pipe and fittings for the plumbing industry, was granted a major federal award for it’s environmental accomplishments at the recent annual convention of the California Metals Coalition in Sacramento.

Officials from the US Environmental Protection Agency were on hand to bestow the award to AB&I’s Mike Olvera, citing the foundry’s many accomplishments in it’s air and water remediation programs. This National Partnership for Environmental Priorities Achievement Award was granted as a result of AB&I’s 95% reduction in VOC emissions. Volatile solvents have traditionally been used by foundries as part of the coating that is applied to the finished pipe and fittings to seal them against leaks. AB&I, however, has worked closely with several chemical companies over the years to develop a replacement coating system that does not require the use of volatile organic compounds. This new system has been in place on several of the foundry’s pipe manufacturing lines for the past several months, and will completely replace the solvent- based coating by January 1, 2012.

“We’re proud to receive this award,” said Olvera, “and appreciate the EPA’s recognition of AB&I as a responsible manufacturer dedicated to being a good neighbor.”

AB&I was founded in 1906 as a brass and iron foundry. After WWII, the foundry dedicated itself to producing cast iron soil pipe, fittings, and custom castings. For more information, go to www.abifoundry. com, or contact Mike Olvera at 800-468-4766.